We are using Non-Toxic, No-Odor and No-Alergic solutions in cleaning process. 


We give attention to all the special details that make the difference.

You are assured hand-finish rolled edges, rolled lapels, no pocket or seam impressions. Minor repairs are noted and tended to without any action on your part.

Using the latest innovative equipment, our specially trained staff impart a professional finish with smooth surfaces, perfect collars and cuffs, and straight crisp button plaquets.Our expert stain removal technicians can remove many of the most disastrous looking stains.

Bed, bath and table linens are essential elements of the home. Fine and antique linens require great care in laundering and cleaning to preserve their beauty.

We understand that the investment one makes in luxury linens can be quite substantial.

Whether you frolic in Frette, lounge in Leron, or power-nap in Pratesi – We are equipped to care for your luxury bed linens. To perform this delicate work we bring to bear professional stain removal procedures, delicate hand-laundering techniques and gentle hand-finishing. Your linens will be treated to “day spa” treatment in the hands of our dedicated specialists.

Special attention is paid to embroidery, lace trim, scalloped edges, delicate quiltings, and all the other nuances prevalant in fine linens. The unique softness and hand of these fabrics is safeguarded and maintained.

Your favorite down comforter and duvet cover keep their beauty, softness, warmth – while staying clean, sanitized, and smelling fresh as a spring morning – without the addition of artificial scents and fragrances.

The only downside to this wonderful service is that your bed linens will feel so exquisite – you won’t want to get out of bed in the morning!

Let us assist you with the care of all your fine men’s and ladies’ fashions. Whether you need a simple cuff or hemline – or a major remodeling, you will find our alterations staff to be considerate, attentive and knowledgeable.


You will find our staff to be well-versed in the design nuances of all the major fashion and couture houses. Whether it be Chanel, Armani, Brioni, Burberry, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, St. John, Prada or Yves Saint Laurent – you can count on our staff to have the right touch to get the job done perfectly.

Cleaning leather handbags and purse are always risky process because leathers change colors to many other chemicals. We offer professional leather cleaning service with non-toxic procedures. Please consult with store personel when dropping leather products for the service.

We  take every precaution in cleaning leather, suede and other delicate garments. Our custom cleaning process not only cleans, but also oils the skin using a unique cleaning and treatment process which replenishes the skin with the necessary oils to preserve and rejuvenate your garment.
Little J Cleaners owns cleaning plant near Manhattan. Although other cleaners advertise leather and suede cleaning, they send their garments out to large wholesalers. Thus, they cannot care for your garment like we can. Furthermore, other wholesalers do not use our custom cleaning and reconditioning system and are therefore more susceptible to strip the oils from the skin and reduce the longevity of your garment.